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… to provide individualized, high-quality professional legal services at reasonable rates. We believe that attorneys who understand their clients’ business and interests serve those clients more effectively and more efficiently. We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions for our client’s legal, tax, and business issues.

The principal of Bland & Sorkin has over 25 years experience providing insurance and business legal services and provides general counsel representation to several insurance and insurance related entities.

What our clients are saying »

“Bland & Sorkin's insurance expertise, skill in navigating the regulatory approval process, dedication, diligence, creativity, and responsiveness were invaluable to achieving our reorganization and onshore redomestication. ... ”

– Chairman, Publicly Traded Company

“We recognize the lawyers of Bland & Sorkin for their excellent work and extend our gratitude for the timely and successful completion of our significant transaction. ... ”

– Resolution of Board of Directors of National Insurance Company

“Bland & Sorkin was a critical partner in my company's efforts to advance an aggressive and complex rate and form filing agenda. ... ”

– Corporate Counsel, Publicly Traded Insurance Company

“It has been a real pleasure working with such talented professionals of high character and integrity.”

– Insurance Company Board Member

“Bland & Sorkin has an excellent balance of high level insurance knowledge, business understanding, and analytical and communication skills ... ”

– Chief Executive Officer, National Insurance Company

“[Our] stringent timetable could not have been met without the extraordinary efforts and dedication of the lawyers at Bland & Sorkin, P.C. ... ”

– Resolution of Board of Directors of National Insurance Company

“Bland & Sorkin has the very rare ability to couple sound and critical insights with a compassionate style that makes utilizing their services both an extremely constructive and pleasant experience. ... ”

– Executive

“I want to thank you guys once again for your immeasurable contributions to the success of [our company].”

– Insurance Company CEO


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